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About me

Cale Lobba is an illustrator and designer based in Germany. Born and raised in Brazil, she moved to the UK after having worked in different advertising agencies and graduating with a BA degree in Industrial Design. In London, she worked at The Walt Disney Company as a product designer and graduated with a Masters of Arts degree from the London College of Communication.
Working on “Killer Wolf" project enables her the freedom to tackle different subjects and themes of her interest. Her love for tattoo art, film icons, literature, music and history is made visible in her work where she combines her influences to create vector art from her traditional drawings.
Cale Lobba’s work was published in Drawn Vol. 2 - The Best Illustrators Worldwide by Capsule Books (2018) and Design Week – Latin Infusion article (volume 25, number 23) – in 2010.


She was also interviewed as featured artist on Red Bubble blog - read the interviews here:

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